Spencer needed senior pictures and wasn't all that excited about the idea, honestly. Sometimes you just do it because the yearbook (and your dad) says you need to. He was really hoping for something incredibly quick and easy. So that's what we did. We went to one location and knocked it all out in less than … Continue reading Spencer


I absolutely love Day-in -the-Life photography. Seeing life through someone's else perspective, walking in their shoes for a tiny bit is just so incredibly interesting. Because real life is truly amazing, and I'm beyond convinced that nothing is ordinary. At this point, I can't actually do day-in-the-life shoots. My people still need me in a … Continue reading Wallace’s

Merry Christmas from our (gingerbread making) house to yours

We decided to try making graham cracker (gingerbread) houses this year. They were so patient waiting for the green light to go for it. My children love posing like Justin Bieber. We frequently listen to the music provided through our cable company and they post pictures of the artist during the songs, and they copy … Continue reading Merry Christmas from our (gingerbread making) house to yours