sarahgrace photography

Photography is my first language in the world of art. I love when the everyday little things in life seen through the lens of the camera become the important forever things. Personalities, relationship and detail ripe with meaning are my focal points. The perfectly imperfect moments that fill every bit of the day so full that you can’t keep up with noticing them – captured in the shuttered millisecond – are what we want to remember. They are what we miss when the toddler faces lengthen into teenagers and the matchbox cars are traded in for drivers permits. The expressions, the interests, the personality of families in their homes.

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Ashleigh Johnson gallery frame  portrait gallery frame Wallace gallery frame mother nurture gallery frame Austin gallery frame Full Belly Fare gallery frame budd gallery frame Thom gallery frame Jacobus gallery frame sweet cream gallery frame Monahan gallery frame Vadelund gallery frame Frie gallery frame Busch gallery frame Shanks gallery frame Johnson gallery frame Frugard gallery frame Phleger gallery frame Slyter gallery frame



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