StrengthsFinder & Leadership Consulting

chess-pieces-20I’m a big believer in the power of Strengths. The day my husband’s manager handed him a Strengths Finder book, and he brought it home saying, “Look at this – you’re gonna love it,” was the day I found myself in the descriptions and cried a few tears of recognition. I had feared I was doing it all wrong…this book and these talent descriptions meant there is no doing it wrong. There’s only doing it you.

My top five? Input, Maximizer, Individualization, Achiever and Intellection. Because of Input, collecting information becomes a subconscious and constant activity. Information about people, relationships, & experiences is constantly at the forefront of my mind. Maximizer has me wanting to open the freedom gate of Strengths for as many people as possible. Individualization has me seeing everyone as distinctly talented, each to be interacted with uniquely. Achiever means I love getting things done, checking things off my list. Completing tasks becomes energizing. Intellection for me means I love thinking about abstract ideas, working through what is motivating person A to be making decisions B & C, scanning for recognizable patterns that will help to interpret an experience.

Strengths are incredibly powerful both for your personal & professional development and for creating an engaged & productive team at work.


What People are Saying


Sarah Budd’s thoughtful approach to growth and development as a leader and person, provided me with an introspective view of myself and approaching others. Specifically, our use of strength finders in our development sessions has helped me in approaching my management team from a different paradigm. Prior to our time together, I found myself trying to build other’s weaknesses, which often times resulted in disengagement. After our sessions and opening my eyes to strength development, I have seen a higher level of engagement from my group, which in turn is reflecting on their approach to our employees and customers. I would highly recommend anyone looking for personal growth opportunities to work with Sarah.

– Nick O. Area Manager, Bank of the West


Sarah has a gift for being able to quickly and kindly help me get unstuck by asking simple, straightforward questions. She is never judgmental, always supportive, and has a very practical and grounded way of approaching situations. By focusing on my strengths, she’s helping me define success on my own terms and craft a plan to get there that is energizing and exciting.

– Jen Hermann, Organizational Development Consultant


Sarah is smart.  She quickly clarifies the question you are asking or the answers you are seeking and provides direction and original thinking to apply to the situation.   Her coaching is clear and direct.  Above all, I trust her.  My time is well spent when we engage and I come away with additional insight and learning.  I highly value this relationship.

– Patty Schmitz-Thursam, Principal Broker for John L. Scott Market Center & Owner of Residential Rental Group


Sarah is unique in that she focuses on her coaching clients’ strengths and helps people utilize the strongest parts of themselves to fulfill their greatest potential. Sarah has helped me work through the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. She holds up a mirror and asks the hard questions with my best interest at heart. She has helped accelerate my business into the launch stages and I am several months ahead of my own ambitious production schedule. I wouldn’t be here without her quality and consistent dedication to me as her client. I recommend her highly to anyone who needs short or long-term help in working towards their next big endeavor in life.

– Rachel Drummond, ESL Instructor/Coach

Personal Development

If you’re ready to embrace what it is that you do best, and find ways to do even more of it StrengthsBased coaching is the option for you. We’ll identify your Strengths themes, and personalize them even further. We’ll explore the way you use them to create your success, and we’ll create action steps to move you forward in your goals.

Taking the assessment is the first step. Having a coach to help you understand, personalize & implement what it shows you is the next. Everyone needs a coach.

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Managers & Teams

Leader/Manager Coaching

  • Taking the assessment is just the beginning. The best way to go about implementing the power of a Strengths Culture? We start with you, the manager or leader, going in depth with strengths coaching. It’s important let the idea & usage permeate your entire management approach. The real power & edge of strengths comes into play when you have a coach (that’s me!) to help you hone & develop the use of your talents.
  • We’ll talk about your goals & vision for your team. We’ll take the time to identify the way you’ve already used your themes to be successful, the way others may perceive your themes, and create action steps to do more of what you do best. This  is one of the most important steps in bringing Strengths to your work place. After that, and only after that, its time to bring it to the team.

Bring Strengths to My Team Workshops – 2 hour, 4 hour or all day workshops

  • Once you the leader/manager have been coached, and your team has taken the assessment, its time to have some fun. My workshops are designed to bring in that key education piece while interlacing hands on practice & implementation.   We’ll get our hands dirty understanding ourselves and each other.

Team implementation with one on one coaching

  • Want some help really solidifying strengths with your team? Follow the workshop up with 1 x 1 coaching sessions for your team members.

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