early mornings and advisory boards

Got up early this morning – trying to transition into having some time in the mornings to get things done. Today the alarm went off at 5:30. I spent the first 28 minutes in a hot shower. 32 minutes left. The only trouble with this plan is that it’s the complete opposite of my ideal life. Part of my strategic plan work this week was to write out what my ideal life would look like and first thing on the list? Wake up naturally. Maybe at some point, I’ll wake up at 5 am (the ultimate goal) naturally. But probably not as long as Dave is a night person and we like each other.

Today is our first meeting with the strategic planning group. Looking forward to that – I’m eager to dive into learning how this is done. Not eager for the drive though – that’s what’s got me up early today…driving to Salem for a nine AM meeting. Well, that and the realization that if I actually want to accomplish any of the items on my strategic plan I’ll most likely need more than 2.5 hours of working time a day.

(I’m typing this in Word and it’s amazing to me that anytime I include a qualifier (probably, maybe, most likely), two blue lines appear underneath of them and the editor suggests I remove them. As if I could ever say anything without a “there’s a chance” attitude attached. Do you know me at all, Word?)

So. Things I’m currently thinking about:

Starting a podcast.

Writing regularly with a behind the scenes business start-up theme. (If people started reading that, would it be the customer base that I’m working to build? People that would hire me for work?)

An advisory board. The hardest part about working alone is that I’m bouncing my ideas off myself and none of my assumptions about how business should be started are being challenged. I need people interaction. I also need to keep my overhead low (no co-working space, no employees), my flexibility high (you hate riding the bus, son? Sure I can pick you up, no problem, and yes, client, we can absolutely make that appointment time work). An advisory board is sounding like the approach that would get me both. Plus, in my imagination, I’m meeting with all these advisors individually, over delicious lunch that I can expense. What’s not to love about this idea?

I feel like I’m writing this as if I’m Alex from Start-up reading into a microphone. It’s a little bit of a weird vibe.

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