Senior Session – Cameron

You guys, can I just tell you how much I love doing senior pictures? Especially when I get to meet people like Cameron & his mom Shannon. And even more especially when they take me somewhere they absolutely love, like Cameron’s favorite place to be: the skate park. It is so much stinkin’ fun for me to get to photograph these practically-adults in their element. I love it. And I love when people are as confident, kind and easy going as Cameron, making it so very easy to do my job.

Cameron Beecher-7Cameron Beecher-5Cameron Beecher-3Cameron Beecher-6Cameron Beecher-17

I usually like to get right in the middle of whatever my subject is doing and so when we arrived at the skatepark I naturally thought about getting down into the bottom of the bowl. I’ve got to tell you though, that bowl was deep.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get back out. In fact, I was fairly sure I’d need an extension ladder. I was a little surprised to see how small some of the riders were; there were plenty of tiny 5 & 6 years old’s riding everywhere on their razor scooters. I’m not sure if it’s the norm there, or just Cameron showing what a nice guy he is when he helped one of the tinies get out of the bowl. The kid kept trying to run up the side, but with the height being at least two times his reach, he was having some trouble. Cameron told him to hold up his scooter above his head and hang on as he reached down and pulled him up by the scooter’s handle.  Cameron Beecher-8Cameron Beecher-11Cameron Beecher-12Cameron Beecher-18

Thanks for a great shoot, Cameron!

2 thoughts on “Senior Session – Cameron

  1. Shannon aka Mom says:

    Thanks for sharing an early sneak peak Sarah!! It was a great shoot and Cameron really enjoyed it. It is fun to see you capture him so naturally! Can’t wait for the final product.


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