May 27, 2016 Five for Friday

One of my children, after a fight with his brother and in all seriousness, just told me “I didn’t punch him! I punched the air! He just got up at the wrong time!” and actually got angry with me when I laughed. These kids, these kids. They’re hysterical.

It’s time for Five for Friday once again. These are some of my favorite posts.

What I’m Reading The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander…holy crap. I’m only about 50 pages in, but oh my word this is not good people. I mean the book is great, but what it’s talking about…horrible. And so important to be aware of.

Also, Telling Lies by Paul Ekman. He’s the guy the show Lie to Me was based off of. Also just starting this one, I super super hope it’s relatively easy reading cause I really wanna get what he has to say.

And finally, just finished Pastrix by Nadia Bolz Weber. So,so good. I love stories of people awkwardly figuring out their faith and what’s right. I love when it’s not simple, when they get it wrong before they get it right and when it doesn’t feel like a sermon. So so good.

What I’m watching – or rather what we’re watching. After my youngest tball game last night the kids asked to watch a movie since they’re out of school today. We compromised with a tv show instead (Shorter. Bedtime still matters, even on vacation days.) I showed them an episode of Two in A Million, a show on TLC that brings two people with super rare conditions together to meet and become friends that Dave had recorded. The conditions are rare enough that usually they’ve never met or even seen someone who’s dealing with the same things they are and they’re thrilled to finally be friends with someone who knows exactly what’s what. It’s heartwarming and enlightening and just good stuff.

This was immediately followed by a WWE match since that’s what was on when the DVR was done. Dave and I used to get together with friends in college and watch The Rock, the Undertaker, Bret Michaels, Vince McMahon, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. When I saw we watched this, I say that loosely. It’s all a little awkward for me as I’m not ever sure if people are getting seriously hurt or not. But our friends loved it and so it’s firmly in my memories.  The kids heard it in the background of the “Delete this now?” screen and soooo wanted to see it. They absolutely LOVED it, in a fun but gradually scary sort of way, and now my five year old has replaced his old plans to be be a teacher and a grandpa when he grows up with being a wrestler. Oh. My. Word.

What I’m listening to – not much. I’ve felt the need for some quiet lately and I’ve been walking with just my own thoughts.

What I’m thinking about – In every gain, there’s a loss. Thinking through what losses are worth the gain and what gains are worth losses.

Quote I’m loving“Like if you had a Fitbit on your time machine it would need to have lots of steps, but the distance wouldn’t matter.”  – My Kid.

Dave texted this to me when I was gone one night and he was talking with my oldest son who has always been interested in time travel and has been studying up after I found a book at the library called How to Build a Time Machine by Paul Davies. He doesn’t get everything he reads, but he gets a lot of it and he’s sooooo into it. He came up with the analogy when he was trying to explain a concept to Dave that I don’t currently remember. It’s a little scary – a lot of what this particular kid tries to explain to me goes over my head. I should probably try to read a physics book next so I can have some sort of clue what he’s talking about.

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