May 23, 2016 – An assortment of thoughts leading to goodness.

I’ve been waking myself up snoring lately.

A couple weeks ago Dave recorded me snoring since I didn’t believe I actually snored. (He still thinks he doesn’t snore either cause I haven’t done the same for him.) I was worried it was going to be the monstrously loud sounds I scared myself awake with when I was very, very pregnant. Thankfully it’s not. My snoring is sort of a gentle vibration sound. I actually kind of like it.

It’s quite(ish) and low. Apparently I’ve been doing it forever and never knew.

And now I’m aware enough of it that it’s waking me up.

Twice in the couple of weeks I’ve woken up feeling, more than hearing, myself snoring.

When I was pregnant my snoring was startling. A tiny bit terrifying even. Like there was some huge loud sudden sound that had infiltrated my sleep. This is nothing like that. This snore is almost comforting.


I’m not sure how that could be, but both times I’ve woken up to it, it’s been with a smile and an “all is right with the world” feeling. Comforting.

It kind of reminds me of when my phone alarm is set to vibrate and it’s on the bedside table and I’ve pressed snooze and it’s the sort of day I get free time to do something I want and I’m looking forward to it, so I’m happy when the alarm lets me know it’s about to start.

I like it.

No word from Dave on if he likes it. I’m just going to assume it’s endearing. Why not?

On another note – I went to Rob Bell’s How to Be Here Experience this weekend. There were a couple major things I took away from it. Like ikigai (Japanese word for what gets you up in the morning). And gain-loss. And one that I can’t quite remember just yet, but can feel that it’s sitting there, waiting to be remembered. I’m hoping to discuss those this week.

IMG_9278Yesterday we went to Milo McIver State Park and hiked out to the bat barn and then down to where the hatchery creek meets the river. It was amazing in that way you hope those things will be where no kids complain (more than 20% of the time),  and they all actually have a good time. They even SAID that. Outloud. To me. They actually said “This is fun. I like this place.” I know – I was shocked too, but I totally kept my cool and acted like of course they’d love it. There were other words later too – like, Are we done yet? And where is the car anyway? And this literal quote: “I regret saying this is my favorite place.” But I’m just going to pretend they were light hearted jokes. My kids are hilarious that way.

All that to say I feel totally thrilled up this upcoming week. It might be that stuff happened to write about, it might be that I had an amazing day yesterday, it might be the fact that I love my snoring now, it might be that I’m done working on the rental and my last week of preschool sponsored free time is here and I intend to take full advantage of it. Who knows. But this week is gonna be good.

One thought on “May 23, 2016 – An assortment of thoughts leading to goodness.

  1. davisb50 says:

    snoring and endearing don’t usually wind up in the same sentence around here….. but I do have to say I have gotten to the place when I miss it if it is not in the background.
    and your kids are funny….. really 🙂


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