May 17, 2016 – Ugg

You guys. I am sucking at this. Getting to the computer at 8 pm. Only when I can drag myself away from my latest netflix binge. Truth be told, I’m still spending my morning free minutes at the house trying to get that bathroom finished. Taking off wallpaper is a serious headache. People who put up wallpaper should be forced to removed some before they’re allowed to purchase it. It’s ridiculous.

I had given up – called a bunch of local painters to give me a quote on finishing the job. The wallpaper was all down, I just had some of the glue residue left to remove and three walls to paint. Half walls even – there’s wainscotting on the bottom half. The guy who showed up this morning was great, until he quoted me $850 and two days to finish the job.

Give me a break. I’m pretty sure if I had four straight hours, I’d have it done. One professional needs two days? $850 to paint three half walls? And scrape glue off about ½ of that?? Are you kidding me???

I mean I know it’s a sucky job – I certainly don’t want to do it anymore. But sheesh. You must think I’m insane. (I’m going to be embarrassed if that’s the real going rate. But not embarrassed enough to pay it.)

That annoyed me enough that I finished most of it today. Tomorrow I go back and put the paint up. And then I wash my hands of it and never take down wallpaper again.

Another thing I really never want to do again? Washing people’s oil pastel drawings off my concrete wall. Another major ugg. It’s been gone over twice with magic erasers and it’s currently a faded impression more than an outright drawing. Still, I’m not sure it’s going to come completely off. I’ve used up 8 magic erasers. I’ll need to buy another ten pack tomorrow before I go back.

Also ridiculously annoying? Scrubbing up someone else’s cat piss from my carpets. I’m not sure I’m a fan of this rental business. People have no respect.

The one good thing is that it’s saving us money. Since I’m doing the work, I’m getting the security deposit. I’m not sure it’s worth the headache though. It’s making me angry and taking all the time I normally give to writing, reading and exercising. Makes me wonder how I would get this all done if I get a job. I don’t seem to fit it all in very well yet. I am eating plenty of candy bars though, so there’s that.

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