April 27, 2016 Confessions

Tonight I’m writing from a coffee shop, trying to process my thoughts enough to come up with something coherent to say. I’m a little all over the map. Writing helps me sort it all out and get my head organized. I’ve got my laptop and cranberry-orange-ginger-lemongrass iced tea occupying the table I’m sharing with a fellow parent who also happens to be waiting/writing while their kid is in our church’s youth group – same as me. And I’ve learned something important about myself. Something that’s worth sharing, as it’s both raw and honest.

Here it is:

I can not listen to Ed Sheeran’s X album without dancing along. It’s physically impossible. This is important for you to know in case you’re ever tempted to share a coffee shop table with me while we work side by side. Picture me with ear buds in, typing away, chair dancing while trying not to disturb the table too much. And also trying not to sing aloud. That would be crossing a line. I am totally lip syncing, though.

(Also, as an update to yesterday’s post – it may be me after all. At least partially. The guy in distress physically saved by a strong girl love story thing isn’t believable to me. I guess that makes me sexist. Huh.

That and the fact that the other changes made (beyond the gender substitutions) weren’t improvements. They were bad. Lame bad.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to back to analyzing myself while chair dancing with my buddy Ed.

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