April 20, 2016 (In which the subject of napping requires me to dust off my soapbox)

It’s interesting to me that when I post things about church experiences I get the most response. Some people comment, some message me, and some talk about it when I run into them later on. I wonder why it is that church posts elicit this more than anything else so far? (You should know that I love your comments, and messages and mention-in-passings. It’s so nice to put out something sort of vulnerable and to hear back that I’m not the only one.)

I’ve got one more church post for this week and then we’ll probably move on. (Course I never know what is going to be at the front of my mind when I sit down to write, so no guarantees.)

A couple weeks ago, the Women’s Retreat was announced. We were told that it was going to be great – we could nap, we didn’t have to cook for anyone…we could rest. We should come!

Can you guess my reaction? “Really?? This is what women want? This is our ideal of a retreat? No cooking and naps?? That’s as exciting as we get? That would never fly with a men’s retreat. That would never fly with any retreat but a church women’s retreat. That is so weird.”

At this point my thoughts were interrupted by my middle school daughter whispering to me “You should go Mom. That is so you.” Ohmyword she was calling me out. Truth be told, I do love a good nap. And I am a fan of not being the one responsible for providing everyone with the food they need all day long every single day. Sheesh, make a sandwich already. I taught you that years ago. Use your knowledge for good child!! (AmIRight??)

This retreat *did* appeal to women. And not just women generically, but ME. Specifically me. And it still annoyed me. Uggh. I was frustrated with us as women. Why is that we’re all characterized by the need to rest and release responsibility? Why is that opportunity a big draw that we will PAY money for??

I laughed with my daughter but didn’t let it go in my head. It stuck with me for a couple weeks.

And then someone posted the official link for the retreat on FaceBook and I read that the weekend’s theme centered around the rhythms of Sabbath. Of celebration and rest. And my face turned a little red at my desk in front of my computer.

Ha! Sabbath – rest – was the theme. Naps were not the list of attractions. I had been picturing Naps and No Cooking as the exciting draws they were offering us in place of the things you’d normally see like White Water Rafting, Ropes Courses, 5 Star Chef or The Best Fun You Can Possibly Imagine. They were trying to tempt us with Naps and No Cooking! And it was working!!!

But no. I could put down my righteous indignation on behalf of women and what a real draw should look like. If the point of the whole weekend is creating a rhythm of rest…well, that’s alright with me. And if naps are the object lesson of the speaker – if taking a nap is me really applying the point of the weekend to my own life – well I guess I can get on board with that. I mean what woman in their right mind doesn’t want a good nap?

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