I absolutely love Day-in -the-Life photography. Seeing life through someone’s else perspective, walking in their shoes for a tiny bit is just so incredibly interesting. Because real life is truly amazing, and I’m beyond convinced that nothing is ordinary.

At this point, I can’t actually do day-in-the-life shoots. My people still need me in a way that it just won’t work yet. So I’ve been experimenting with Hour-in-the-Life photography instead. 🙂

This hour I visited with the Wallace’s – an incredibly lovely family of 7 (although only 6 are featured in this shoot) – who homeschool. I wanted to show what a typical morning looked like in their world. I think the kids were under instruction to pretend I wasn’t there and they did an amazing job of it. I’ve never had a more immersive fly-on-the-wall experience.

Jaime is a bundle of energy,  getting a million things done a minute and managing to make each child feel individually loved and noticed. It’s an amazing thing to see. Look with me:



Thank you Wallace’s for welcoming me into your home and your day!

2 thoughts on “Wallace’s

  1. jirehwallace says:

    Oh my goodness Sarah! So special. I will totally treasure these. I never actually “see” my life since I am living it. You have a GREAT eye! This is a really lovely peek into my own world, and I love them all. Thank you!!!


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