April 8, 2016 – Five for Friday

Hooray for sleep! I love sleep. It’s my favorite.

Here’s some more of my favorites, ‘cause it’s Five for Friday.

What I’m Reading – not so much. I’ve been trying to give Intellection a little more playing time, so Input has been benched a bit. Trying to take in a little less and give myself time to think about what’s already in there.

And alright fine, since this is a place of honesty, the rest of the Twilight Series. Man! I feel like I don’t really want to keep admitting that I’m reading those. Again. For like the fifth time. I feel like such a tween girl to read those books, but whatever. I like them. And now they’re done so we can move on. Just have to finish watching the movies with my girlie…

What I’m watching – Twilight: Eclipse. And then the rest. The movies (obviously) are worse than the books, but still I watch. It’s a little weird. To know something is lame, and to still watch anyway.  The first time I watched the first Twilight (yes, it’s been more than once) I cringed the whole way through. It was so immediately *bad*. And then I instantly rewatched it, looking for why exactly this movie just did not work. Technically, the key elements were right. Why was it so cringe worthy then? I thought it was the bad acting for a bit, and maybe there is an element of that there, but I think it also has to do with the storyline. So much of it is mental in the books, so much of it is the thought processes & motivations and tiny little noticings…translating that to a visual is really difficult. The overacting is almost required to try to bring you along with what’s in the book.

What’s on my mind –

1)Sugar is not my friend. I think it is, I think I enjoy it’s company, but really I don’t. I feel like it’s this wonderful semi-forbidden thing that really, I deserve to treat myself with. But really truly I don’t even like it’s taste all that much. And I definitely don’t enjoy the way I feel after eating it, even though you’d think it was the best thing in the world the way I scarf it. It becomes almost automatic. Like I’m no longer deciding, simply acting. I think there’s more to come on this.

2)5am might be a winter/fall thing. A “the nights are long and it’s easy to go to bed early” thing. These warm late nights do not lend themselves to a disciplined bed time. Might be a good time for some rearranging of this time.

What’s for dinner – Breakfast burritos. Yum. Easy and quick and for some reason I always forget about them when racking my brain for something to make.

What I’m listening to – Snow Patrol, specifically “Run”. My sister got this song in my head with a Facebook post yesterday (day before?) and it stuck for quite a while. You know – it’s that one with the chorus “Light up, Light up/As if you have a choice/Even if you cannot hear my voice/I’ll be right beside you dear”. It’s funny cause whenever I sing that in my own head I screw up the lyrics and sing it as “Light Up, Light up/As if you had a voice”. That struck me as telling. I so often feel like I can’t really get to where I’ll eventually be heard yet. It feels kind of inevitable that there will be a point somewhere in my life that I’m teaching or writing a book or speaking or whatever…but that is so not my life now. Sometimes it makes me feel voiceless. Writing here has definitely shifted that for me. Not that there’s a large audience or anything, (Hellooo to the 17 of you) but it allows me to feel like I’ve put out what is trying to be said. And the regularity of writing and hitting publish is like piano practice. It should make me better. It will make me better. I appreciate you guys coming along for the ride.
(Oh! And I’ve been meaning to say, I sooo appreciate when you take the time to send a little note saying “Me too”. I love love hearing what you all have to say. The good stuff and the frustrating stuff and the bad stuff is so much better when we know there are other people rowing the same boat.)

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