Five for Friday – On Monday (Cause I forgot to do it Friday)

Five for Friday is when I share some of the things I’ve been discovering lately. I do this because I so love discovery, I love when my friends (aka the people whose blogs I read) share what they’ve discovered, and I love sharing what I’ve found.


What I’m reading –

1) Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People by Nadia Bolz-Weber. This book is fascinating me. You know that fear I was talking about? She doesn’t seem to have any of it. I’m digging it.

2) Presence by Amy Cuddy. I’m not very far in yet, but the idea so far seems to be that the way we carry ourselves affects way more than just out posture muscles. It affects the jobs we get (or don’t), the success we have (or don’t), the friends we make, etc. And our presence is easy to alter with phsyiology. She also gave a really great TED talk about this.

3) Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts. It’s a romance novel, it’s true. Nora Roberts is one of my favorites when I want something light & quick.

What I’m listening to –

Podcasts lately. The Unmistakeable Creative (last episode title – Counterintuitive Lessons on Nonconformity), The RobCast (last episode I listened to – Mike Lewis is the 112th Best Squash Player in the World)(I love that Rob likes to interview people who are doing something – going out on a limb doing something – and I love that they talk so much about how it was/is difficult, full of starts, stops & turns and just doesn’t look like the story book version of things), GrownUps Read Things They Wrote as Kids (this is just what it says…adults getting up on stage to read journal entries or stories they wrote as children. They’re hilarious, and painful & full of existential crises.)

What’s for dinner –

Costco Flatbread. Have you tried these new things? They’re in the refrigerated section – by the prepared in house meals to go. They’re sooo good and they feel healthier than straight up pizza because they obviously are. There’s a pesto chicken one and a sausage something one (they come together). Only one of my kids would try it, so there was plenty for me.

What I’m trying –

A video interview class. In which we have to produce interviews. Video interviews – posted online. Oh my word – talk about putting yourself out there. All of the crazy faces I make while talking to someone now documented for posterity. I still haven’t watched it all the way through, cause I just can’t. It’s too embarrassing still. But I’ll post one for you. In this one, I’m talking about mainly about introversion, the biological basis for it, and how we try to be aware of personal traits when parenting our kids.

(Fair warning, it’s like 30 minutes long. I won’t be at all offended if you have no interest. At least click over for a couple minutes to see my crazy faces.)

Most interesting article I read from a Twitter link –

You (and Almost Everyone You Know) Owe Your Life to This Man National Geographic article. Read it yesterday while at OMSI’s Video Game exhibit with the family. I’m not so into video games, or watching people be into video games, it turns out.


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