March 31, 2016 Another birthday in our house

There’s another birthday in our house today. This time it’s my oldest son’s turn. He’s 11.

We’re going to pretend his birthday is really Saturday – wait until everyone is home and we can celebrate him for the entire day. Although, realistically I think that particular decision was influenced more by our new tradition of no chores and unlimited screen time on birthdays. With those factors added in, a Saturday is a better choice than a Thursday.

Plus his party is on Saturday. I’m impressed with his choice to have a party, because that’s not usually his style. Usually he’d prefer to lay low, take in his birthday budget either in cash or in a gift. This time he’s choosing an experience. Laser Tag with his buddies. He’s going to love it.

Course, we are going to bring donuts in to his class today. That’s another tradition for this guy – donuts instead of cake.

Selfishly, I’m glad we’re waiting until Saturday. I am just soooo tired. This re-entry into the school schedule has been annoying and I’m wiped out. I will be so much more cheerful and ready to party after sleeping in just a few more hours on Saturday. So. Dang. Tired. Uggh. If I’m quick I can sleep another 45 minutes before waking the kids up for school. I’m going back to bed.


Check for an update with actual thoughts later this afternoon.

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