March 26, 2016

Spring Break is practically over. Easter is tomorrow. I should find the easter baskets and make a plan for some sort of meal. We kept the kids up late last night – going to the 8pm Good Friday service. We were all half asleep by the time we walked in the door. I wonder what time they’re going to wake up today.

Today is turning out to be hard. Writing-wise. I’m not sure what is different from yesterday but man, I’m having a hard time putting coherent paragraphs together. It’s funny because yesterday I was on an I-LOVE-publishing-something-every-day high. I was pretty sure I’d never run out of things to type. And now today, it’s a mess. This little Word doc is a hot mess. Paragraphs about one thing, then something totally different, then just monkey mind stream of consciousness…all disjointed, all leading nowhere. Gah. It’s a little depressing.

Usually when I try the just-type-whatever-I-think approach (aka Monkey Mind) some sort of theme emerges that I can use. Not today, apparently. I’ve heard writer types say that some days are like that. Nothing really works. The important thing is that your butt was in the chair and you were putting in the time. I can claim that for today. That’s about all I can claim.

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