March 25, 2016 – Five for Friday

Let’s try this – a quick little bullet point list of five things I’m currently interested in. I always love when other people do it, so I’m joining in too.

1.) What I’m reading: I’ve been working my way through Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John J. Ratey. It’s a little slow going, possibly because I’m trying to actually remember just about everything it says. I’m taking notes like crazy. It’s super motivating and it’s also really heady. It goes into a crazy amount of detail on what is actually happening in your brain.

And, as this is apparently a place for honesty, the last book I read (all in one sitting after watching the movie with my middle schooler – for the second time this week) is Twilight. Laugh if you must, but I totally dig that series. The movie is embarrassing – especially with your *daughter* (These are not good decisions, daughter. It is not romantic to trade your safety for a guy, daughter. This movie is silly, daughter). The book makes far more sense. In my humble, biased opinion.

Also, For The Love by Jen Hatmaker. It’s quick and easy, funny in places and has me wanting to find people who want to participate in “Supper Club” – adults only, dinner & late late night conversation once a month. I’d change her rules though. In my group we’d call it Dinner Night (‘cause clubs are weird, and we don’t live in the south), any dinner would be welcome (apart from Mac’n’cheese. And chicken nuggets. We’d need to avoid those, please), and we would definitely help the host clean the kitchen. Friends don’t leave friends with dirty kitchens.

2.) What I’m watching: Jill & Jessa Counting On. And right after that, The Willis Clan. I know, I know. Again, a little embarassing. But, what can I do? It’s true. I’m a little fascinated by these huge families. I don’t agree with all their choices, but when does one ever?

Ohhh! Also pretty sweet? Untethered – it’s a little mini documentary on people who high-line (walk on slacklines way high up in the air). Not only is it well done, it was made by a guy whose parents I used to know. He was a kid last time I saw him, literally a kid (8, maybe) and now he’s making freaking sweet documentaries. He’s also got all kinds of behind the scenes & how to videos coming out. One of them showed me the newest camera toy on my list – a monopod with little feet. I lost my Manfrotto one somewhere and now I know what I’ll replace it with.

3.) What I’m listening to: Selena Gomez, Revival. Justin Bieber, Purpose. Ed Sheeran, X. Oh my word. I’m basically a pre-teen.

4.) What’s for dinner: I go in phases where I’m totally into cooking, and phases where I couldn’t care less. Right now I’m digging it. I think, at least in part, because of For The Love. She talks a lot about cooking in there and I tend to get into it again when I read about people loving it and doing it well. Also, because it’s spring break. Sooo much easier when we’re not all on a super tight schedule. The last thing I made (besides Mac’N’Cheese, of course) was Pork Ragu with Pappardelle from Dinner, A love Story. It’s good, people. And it’s one of those dinners that cooks away all day in the oven making the house smell delicious. It takes a few minutes at the beginning, is on its own for a few hours, and then just a few more at the end. You should try it.

5.) What’s on my mind: Introversion. It seems to be coming up lately, at least in my circles. It’s like people are suddenly realizing that tons of people feel introverted and that maybe, just maybe, that’s really great. I was in a Strengths class at my church recently (that I was not teaching…just curiously attending to see how they approached it) and there was a day when we talked about “balconies & basements.” Examples of how this strength might show up in a high/you’re awesome way or in a lower/not your best self way. In one of the strengths introversion was listed in the basements category.


I was shocked. When I brought it up, the others in the class didn’t really seem to get my concern. Again, the shock was evident on my face. And I may have dusted off my soapbox just a little bit.

Since then, it seems to keep coming up. (Maybe it’s kind of like when you first buy a certain car, it feels that the whole world owns that car, too. They’re everywhere.) I posted a question about it on my facebook page and only introverts responded. In another class I met a life coach who specializes in helping introverted people date. I’m talking with someone else who’s writing a book about how to do marketing as an introvert. It’s everywhere lately.
And that’s what I’m interested in this week. What about you? Comment with your five?





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