Full Belly Fare

Full Belly Fare-8

This is Lyla, the owner of Full Belly Fare. She’s got a passion for good, good food and being a force for good in her community. She founded Full Belly Fare to feed people the sort of food they would make at home if they had the time. They use beautiful ingredients to cook up dinners (and extras!) to be delivered to you, at home. There’s a new menu every week, offering up a choice of several entrees, a couple of sides and some fun add-ons.


When I asked Lyla why she started Full Belly Fare she told me:

“My first cooking professional experience was in an inspiring dual role as catering manager for a small catering business that doubled as a vocational training program for adults with mental illness, living in a halfway house. It was an incredible experience and launched my passion for social service work AND cooking. I was only 17 at the time, and worked there for three years. Much later, I had my own children, became an international board certified lactation consultant (so I focused on helping moms feed their babies) and with Full Belly Fare, I’m now refocusing on feeding moms – and others!”

The ladies of Full Belly Fare are talking and laughing and caring about each other all while making delicious looking food I can’t wait to try. My first delivery comes tomorrow and I am sooooo looking forward to it. Full Belly Fare-12Full Belly Fare-2Full Belly Fare-10Full Belly Fare-1Full Belly Fare-15Full Belly Fare-3Full Belly Fare-6Full Belly Fare-5Full Belly Fare-16Full Belly Fare-7Full Belly Fare-18Full Belly Fare-11Full Belly Fare-17Full Belly Fare-13Full Belly Fare-4Full Belly Fare-19Full Belly Fare-20




















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