Jonathan – Portland Crossfit trainer

My cousin Jonathan is a trainer at Crossfit Portland, and I recently shadowed one of his personal training sessions with his client, Misty. Misty is hoping to compete in the Crossfit games and is pretty impressive. I learned all kinds of things about bumper plates, keeping one’s core stable and why coffee is so much better than tea.


Thom 3

One of Jonathan’s jobs in these sessions is to pay close attention to form. Misty has some old injuries and is careful not to re-aggravate them.Thom 8

Thom 1

Thom 4

Thom 17

Thom 9

Thom 2

Thom 13

Thom 21

There was a lot of joking during the rest sessions. Thom 12

Thom 10

Thom 5

Thom 15

Thom 9

Thom 14

Thom 26

Thom 6

Thom 25

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